Configure Citrix NetScaler 10.5 including Gateway and Citrix StoreFront 2.5.2

Configuring NetScaler 10.5 After downloading the NetScaler sources from the Citrix site and uploading it to the hypervisor it’s time to walk through the console configuration wizard. Turn on the NetScaler and open the NetScaler console on the hypervisor. Fill in the following information: –          IPv4 address –          Netmask –          Gateway IPv4 address Choice option 4 to Save and quit. After that the NetScaler will reboot After rebooting the NetScaler, open a browser and browse to the NSIP address (management interface IP address) you entered in the previous step. Login with User Name; nsroot and Password; nsroot Citrix NetScaler 10.5 has a very improved First-time Setup Wizard making it possible to setup the NetScaler in a few clicks. Click on step 2, Subnet IP Address Good explanation about the subnet IP Address within this wizard, even an infographic is displayed, nice! Fill in the Subnet IP Address and click Done Click on Step 3 to configure Host Name, DNS IP Address, and Time Zone Fill in the NetScaler Host Name, the DNS IP Address and the correct Time Zone. Click Done If you have a license file select Upload licenses files from a local computer and click Browse   After uploading the license file, click Reboot   Create a SSL certificate The next step is the install the SSL certificate. Browse to Traffic Management > SSL and click on Create RSA Key Fill in the following information; Key Filename: “name”.key, anything you like Key Size (bits): 2048 Public Exponent Value: F4 Key Format: PEM PEM Encoding Algorithm: DES3 PEM Passphrase: A password you like Verify Rassphrase: Same as above Click on Ok Click on Create CSR (Certificate Signing Request) Fill in the following information; Request File Name: anything you like Key File Name: Browse to the .KEY file you just created Key Format: PEM PEM Passphrase (For Encrypted Key): The password you

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