How-to – Connection timeout using Vsphere Web Client Console 5.x


Assuming that our vcenter and individual physical hosts reside in a network not accessible from the Internet or from our local network, you need to follow some simple steps so you can see the console of our virtual machine using vCenter web Client Console.

1) Configure your firewall in the middle to forward the following tcp ports to vCenter server: 443, 902

2) Assign a name to the vCenter Server in your external DNS Server (if you want to reach it from Internet) or in your local DNS Server (if you want to rach it from LAN).

3) Modify the vmrc.jsp file located to the following folder on vCenter Server:

Example: vCenter 5.1 installed on Windows Server:

C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\vSphereWebClient\server\work\org.eclipse.virgo.kernel.deployer_3.0.3.RELEASE\staging\global\bundle\com.vmware.vsphere.client.containerapp\5.1.0\container-app-war-5.1.0.war\vmrc\vmrc.jsp

vCenter 5.1 App:


Change the line below from:

connectVmrc("<%= host %>");




Some notes:
The above lines of code are at approximately line 536 in the vmrc.jsp file.
The vmrc.jsp file is located in the vCenter installation directory on the vCenter server.
This is working with vCenter 5.1 (haven’t upgraded this vCenter to 5.5 yet).
The modifications to the vmrc.jsp file get reset back to default on each reboot of the server.