Version: 6.0.2-8451-5

Important Note

  1. The update is expected to be available for all regions within the next few days, although the time of release in each region may vary slightly.

Fixed Issues

  1. Enhanced Surveillance Station responsiveness on Btrfs file system.
  2. Refined the mechanism for reporting abnormal system fan behavior to avoid false alarms.
  3. Improved 4K sequential read IOPS on Advanced LUNs.
  4. Optimized CPU usage of Resource Monitor.
  5. Fixed several security vulnerabilities regarding NTP module (CVE-2016-7426, CVE-2016-7427, CVE-2016-7428, CVE-2016-7429, CVE-2016-7431, CVE-2016-7433, CVE-2016-7434, CVE-2016-9310, CVE-2016-9311, CVE-2016-9312).
  6. Fixed an issue where CMS might cause excessive CPU usage.
  7. Fixed an issue where file names in certain languages might not display correctly when searching for files on specific models (DS413 and DS213+) with Mac Finder via AFP.
  8. Fixed an issue where the DNS service of IPv6 might reconnect frequently.