The service has been changed from the previous DSM version 5. Now is NGINX server instead Apache.

To stop the NGINX service: /sbin/initctl stop nginx
To start the NGINX Station: /sbin/initctl start nginx

How to configure NGINX proxy

For FileStation, these application/sites normally expect the browser to connect to application ports, namely in my case the port 7000. This has potentially two problems: I need to open them up on my home router to allow access, and sometimes I’m behind a proxy that doesn’t allow anything else to be used as a port on the url (except for port 80-HTTP or 443-HTTPS).

What is needed to achieve this? Well first a a dns server that accepts wirldcard domains. The is one of them and is provided by Synology and directly integrated into the DSM.

Second a file like this is needed to be created (in this case is the name of my domain):

Save this file as nginx-FILESTATION-vh.conf at /etc/nginx/conf.d

Repeat for other sites like Audio Station, changing the hostname and the localhost port.

AudioStation: port 8800
NoteStation: port 9350
DownloadStation: port 8000
VideoStation: port 9007

Now we can restart the web station with /sbin/initctl stop nginx followed by the start command.
Check now if you can access the url:

For SSL config use the following code: