The latest iteration of Synology’s NAS operating system introduces granular tools for monitoring the health of the system, file self-healing for enhanced data integrity, refined support for Apple’s Time Machine, as well as flexible system update options that simplify the lives of system administrators.

“Synology is evolving to satisfy the needs of professionals and businesses by delivering tools that go beyond just storage. Today’s announcement highlights how Synology NAS can act as your office’s all-in-one server and become a central piece of your IT strategy,” said James Chen, CEO of Synology Inc, Taiwan.

Btrfs is one of the most powerful ways you can configure your drives and that got even better with DSM 6.1 Beta. Now it features file self-healing for silent data corruption on Btrfs file systems and files can be copied at a faster speed when the source and destination are within the same Btrfs volume thanks to the Btrfs fast-clone feature.

The USB ports also got increased functionality with the USB Copy package that extends the external storage copy abilities with additional features. It can now detect plugged in drives and perform pre-determined copy actions based on the rules you’ve set. USB storage devices can also be used as a physical key now, allowing the system to automatically mount encrypted shared folders automatically when plugged in. DSM also gets the flexibility to encrypt existing shared folders, allowing you to change your mind after creation.

Searching got faster too thanks to the new Synology Universal Search that provides faster search results with instant preview for a much better experience. The Log Center now allows for a more efficient search too, thanks to the combination of database update and operator support. On top of that, the Ressource Monitor can now send out notifications, allowing you to stay updated on the system status at all times.

IT administrators will enjoy the support of High-Availability and Snapshot on Virtual DSMs for a more reliable production environment. You can also conveniently manage multiple Synology NAS device from Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) with the newly introduced SMI-S package.

All that and much more is now available as DSM 6.1 Beta with the only requirement being that you have a Synology NAS to install it on. You can check the full changelog and download it for your NAS model on the official beta program website.