FileBot – Format Expressions



{n} - {s00e00} - {t}

Dark Angel – S03E01 – Labyrinth

V:/TV Shows/{n}/Season {s}/{sxe} - {t}

V:\TV Shows\Dark Angel\Season 3\3×01 – Labyrinth



{n} ({y}){" CD$pi"}

The Man from Earth (2007) CD1

{n} [{y}] {vf} {af}

The Man from Earth [2007] 720p 6ch

Advanced Examples



{n} ({y}) by {director} [{genres[0]}, {certification}, {rating}]

The Terminator (1984) by James Cameron [Action, PG-13, 8.5]





{n} [{airdate.format('yyyy.MM.dd')}] {t}

The Daily Show [2010.01.05] George Lucas

E:/Complete/{n} ({y}){'/Season '+s}/{s+'x'}{e.pad(2)} - {t}

Rename and move files. The directory structure is completely up to you.

{n.replaceTrailingBrackets()} - {s+'x'}{e.pad(2)} - {t.replaceAll(/[!?.]+$/).replaceAll(/[`´‘’ʻ]/, "'")
.lowerTrail().replacePart(', Part $1')}

Normalizing accents, and lots of other cleanup operations.

Binding Reference

Name Description Example
n series/movie name Dark Angel
y series/movie year 2009
s season number 3
e episode number 1
t episode title Labyrinth
airdate episode airdate 2009-06-01
absolute absolute episode number 42
special special number 1
sxe season / episode numbers 1×01
s00e00 season / episode numbers S01E01
imdbid imdb id tt0756683
vc video codec x264
ac audio codec ac3
cf container format mkv
vf standard video format 720p
hpi exact video format 384p
af audio channels 6ch
resolution video size 1280×720
ws widescreen flag ws
sdhd SD/HD video SD or HD
source source medium BluRay
group release group ALLiANCE
crc32 crc32 checksum 3E16AF40
fn original filename Serenity
ext file extension mkv
episode episode object <default episode name>
movie movie object <default movie name>
pi movie part index 1
pn number of movie parts 2
lang detect subtitle language eng
collection movie set Avatar Collection
director movie director James Cameron
actors list of actors [Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, …]
genres list of genres [Science Fiction, Action, …]
certification content rating PG-13
rating movie rating 8.5
info extended metadata <any movie / series info>
omdb OMDb info <any movie / series info>
file file object <file path>
dim video dimensions <width and height>
media general media info object <any general media parameter>
video video object [stream 0] <any video parameter>
audio audio object [stream 0] <any audio parameter>
text subtitle object [stream 0] <any subtitle parameter>