How-to Find Exchange Server 2010 Mailboxes without Storage Quotas


In Exchange Server 2010 the Exchange Management Console doesn’t provide a way to visually locate mailboxes that have no storage quota, or mailboxes that have a non-standard storage quota configured.  However you can find mailbox storage quota settings quickly using the Exchange Management Shell.

To list all Exchange Server 2010 mailboxes that are exempt from the mailbox database storage quota settings use this command in the Exchange Management Shell.

[PS] C:\>get-mailbox | where {$_.UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults -eq $False}

Name                      Alias                ServerName       ProhibitSendQuota
----                      -----                ----------       -----------------
DiscoverySearchMailbox... DiscoverySearchMa... ex2              50 GB (53,687,091,200 bytes)
Carole.Malik              Carole.Malik         ex2              unlimited
Davina.Nsiah              Davina.Nsiah         ex2              5.371 GB (5,767,168,000 bytes)
Helen.Cail                Helen.Cail           ex2              4.688 GB (5,033,164,800 bytes)
Jas.Mahal                 Jas.Mahal            ex2              unlimited
Lorraine.Oza              Lorraine.Oza         ex2              unlimited
Oliver.Loffler            Oliver.Loffler       ex2              4.688 GB (5,033,164,800 bytes)

The output above shows that some mailboxes have no quotas, whereas others have custom storage quotas applied. To see the full details of the storage quotas configured on these mailboxes use the following command in the Exchange Management Shell.

[PS] C:\>get-mailbox | where {$_.UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults -eq $False} | ft name,prohibit*,issue*

Name                          ProhibitSendQuota             ProhibitSendReceiveQuota      IssueWarningQuota
----                          -----------------             ------------------------      -----------------
DiscoverySearchMailbox {D9... 50 GB (53,687,091,200 bytes)  50 GB (53,687,091,200 bytes)  unlimited
Carole.Malik                  unlimited                     unlimited                     unlimited
Davina.Nsiah                  5.371 GB (5,767,168,000 by... unlimited                     4.883 GB (5,242,880,000 by...
Helen.Cail                    4.688 GB (5,033,164,800 by... unlimited                     4.395 GB (4,718,592,000 by...
Jas.Mahal                     unlimited                     unlimited                     unlimited
Lorraine.Oza                  unlimited                     unlimited                     unlimited
Oliver.Loffler                4.688 GB (5,033,164,800 by... unlimited                     4.395 GB (4,718,592,000 by...

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