How-to – HP P2000 G3 Firmware Upgrade


Before we upgrade the SAN firmware, let’s run through a couple of items.

  1. Brick – It might happen, the SAN could become a brick after the firmware upgrade, always get a good backup of your data before you embark on the firmware upgrade.
  2. Downtime – Even though this can be done live, I recommend you arrange downtime, it’s just the sensible thing to do and gives you flexibility.
  3. Internet – This should go without saying, as you need to be able to download the drivers.
  4. Alarms/Monitoring – Turn this off for the SAN, as you will be inundated with emails/tickets.

Right then let’s crack on shall we.

1) Download the correct firmware from HP site. At the moment there is the TS252R007 but probably it doesn’t support some old hw equipments (like qlogic fiber etc etc.) so please to check the hw matrix compatibility before to apply:

hp-list firmware-p2000














2) Review the Revision history to find the specific firware










3) Download the correct one.

4) Open the file and extract all.











5) Open the web managent interface of you P2000 storage (usually https://IP-of-the-controller)










6) Go to Tools and Update firmware








7) Click on browse button and choice the file .bin in the previous directory where you’d extract all files








BE CAREFUL: if you have only one controller, is necessary to schedule a shut-off of the Storage or do during a minor disks IO.
If you’ve 2 controllers, the controller you are logged into is the controller you will be upgrading the firmware on.

If you want to update or downgrade, the system can accept only max 2 jumps of version








When finish, the controller is update. In case of you have a second controller connect to him using web interface and repeat the procedure.