How to – Install ESXi 5.1


1.Insert the VMWARE ESXi5.1 DVD and power on the server. ESXi installer will load the necessary files for installation.

ESX installation 1

2.Once all the modules are loaded successfully,you will get the below screen with server configuration.

ESX installation 2

3.Continue the installation by just pressing enter key.

ESX installation 3

4.By default,you have to accept the license to continue the installation by pressing F11.

ESX installation 4

5.Select the disk in which you would like to install VMWARE ESXi 5.1.It requires minimum 4~ to 5~GB disk space.Enter to continue.

ESX installation 5

6.Select the keyboard layout.Here i am selecting “US Default”.

ESX installation 6

7.Its time to secure ESXi  by providing the complex root password.Enter to continue.

ESX installation 7

8. Here the Installer gathers the system information before start copying the files to the disk.

ESX installation 8

9.Here will be the final confirmation you need to give before destroying any data on that disk.Press F11 to continue the installation.

ESX installation 9

10.Installation begins.

ESX installation 10

11.Reboot the system to complete the installation.Make sure that you  have removed the installation media from the server.

ESX installation 11

Some of the console message while rebooting the system

ESX installation 12

12.Now vmware EXSi 5.1 will boot from hard disk and you will get the below screen,once its completely up.

ESX installation 13

13.Many of them wonder that, how to login to the system. You can get login screen by just  pressing F2.

ESX installation 14

14.After logging to the system,you can see there are many options provided for configuring the ESXi and viewing the system logs.It also provided troubleshooting options as well.

ESX installation 15