MINIX neo x7 – FW010


From MINIX Official site:

The latest official 010 firmware is available now.
Download link
MD5 checksum:

You may update to this firmware from any older FWs using the below method.
Update instruction (same as pre-010 and pre-010b):
1.) Download the above “” package;
2.) Upon successful download, then rename the file to “”;
3.) Put the file to the the hub’s root directory (Also called “Internal Flash”);
4.) System will prompt asking for confirmation to update, choose Install;
5.) System will reboot itself and complete the rests of the update process;
6.) Upon successful update, system will boot into the Launcher selection screen;
7.) Remove the update file when system prompt and ask you, or remove it manually afterwards;

Change log (changes since 009):
1.) ROM built based on user mode
2.) Optimized HDMI parameters (NOTE: same as pre-010b)
3.) Fixed automatic shut-down bug
4.) Wifi is ON by default
5.) Screen scale preset to 100% by default
6.) System bar is hidden by default
7.) Enhanced Ethernet performance
8.) Fixed OTG bug
9.) Raised VCCIO voltage to improve system stability
10.) Updated media library, lots of video and audio enhancements
11.) Fixed Wifi display app. bug (NOTE: this app. does not support SAMSUNG & SONY devices)
12.) Fixed grey bar bug of stock video player (a RK bug on pre-010b)
13.) AirPin software updated to V2.3.5 (supports Apple iOS screen mirroring, now the NEO completely replaces the Apple TV) – existing AirPin (PRO) users need to uninstall the old version and install the new apk manually.
Download link:
14.) New MINIX Metro launcher preloaded
15.) Fixed XBMC MINIX Edition MP3 stuttering bug

Users using FW 008 or 009 shall receive the OTA push notice on the 2nd week of May,
when office resuming from the National holidays here, thanks.