Minix neo X7 – KitKat 4.4.2 v.2.2.0


MINIX Forum “Community Edition” Kitkat 4.4.2

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For everyone that has installed “Community Edition 2.1.0”;
– You will recieve an OTA opdate automaticly.
– You dont have to flash anything, just wait till the update screen shows.

For everyone that does not have “Community Edition 2.1.0” installed;
– You need to manualy flash this firmware with the USB Flashtool
– All the tools will be provided in the download .rar file.

Note available YET.
This topic is allready created for release, please be patiant.

The future of CE;
This is not realy a CE release anymore.
This firmware is build as an “Official MINIX” release, so it has all proper MINIX logo’s and background.
The reason we release it under “custom roms” is beqause MINIX has to approve it first.
Hopefully we can copy this topic to Official section soon. ( or we might do that on next release )

Changelog (2.2.0);
– Huge HLS revision
– Camera brightness/saturation fix
– TCP buffer adjusted
– Network fixes
– Powermenu, removed power off. (x7mini branche )
– HDMI changes
– MINIX Official build
– Finisched X7mini branche ( currently available: X7,X7mini)
– Preporations for X5 serie branches for future builds
– rk3066 random mac fix

Download link: