Security Patch For VMware VCenter Server 6.5 Update 1d


Release Date: December 19, 2017

Third Party Product fixes (For example: JRE, tcServer). This patch is applicable for vCenter Server for Windows, Platform Services Controller for Windows, and vSphere Update Manager.
NOTE: This patch updates only the JRE version 1.8.0_141.

Build: 7312210
Download Size: 40.9 MB
md5sum: c316a61f62da81c7ed6584b8db01c996
sha1checksum: e6deb24050e625b5a9658c215d8a0f6d9d7b17aa

These vCenter Server components depend on JRE and has to be patched:

  • Platform Services Controller
  • Management Service Controller
  • vSphere Update Manager

Download and Installation

You can download this patch by going to the VMware Patch Download Center and choosing VC from the Search by Product drop down.

VIMPATCH package provides an autorun with Patch All button.

  1. Mount the VMware-VIMPatch-T-6.5.0-7312210.iso to the system where the vCenter Server component is installed.
  2. Double-click ISO_mount_directory/autorun.exe

vCenter Server Java Components Update wizard opens.

User-added image

  1. Click Patch All.

When you double-click the Patch All button, patches are applied to the existing products by launching the corresponding Windows installer packages. Autorun displays the patch results at the end.


  • During the patch process, the Management Software undergoes a downtime as the patch restarts the services.
  • vSphere Update Manager activities like Remediation of Hosts etc., are not supported while patching vSphere Update Manager.
  • Systems where all vCenter Server components exist on a single system (Simple Install system), VIMPATCH can be applied only once to update all components. On a distributed system, you need to patch the components on each system individually.

For more information see, Update the Java Components with VIMPatch.