VMware ha rilasciato la nuova versione di VMware vCenter Server 6.5 U1d il 19 dicembre 2017 per il prodotto vCenter Server 6.5.

VMware vCenter Server Appliance
File size: 3.31 GB
File type: iso
Name: VMware-VCSA-all-6.5.0-7312210.iso
Release Date: 2017-12-19
Build Number: 7312210
vCenter Server Appliance ISO. It includes the UI and CLI installer for install/upgrade/migration for VMware vCenter Server Appliance, VMware Platform Services Controller, VMware vSphere Update Manager and Update Manager Download Service (UMDS).
MD5SUM: 4fe3593d0eab63d5fb1d2c35115b7ade
SHA1SUM: 81605cfb2817e02eb2b3158a8387677d48d01d9c
SHA256SUM: b9e977050d86f47dc5e28a95e5ff6dfb938c5f9b0dfaede908bc4a3be905c596

VMware vCenter Server and modules for Windows
File size: 2.20 GB
File type: iso
Name: VMware-VIM-all-6.5.0-7312210.iso
Release Date: 2017-12-19
Build Number: 7312210
Installer for VMware vCenter Server, VMware Platform Services Controller, VMware vSphere Update Manager, Update Manager Download Service (UMDS) and other vCenter Server-related modules. It enables installation of vCenter Server on Windows (Requires a 64-bit capable server).
MD5SUM: 2d785fc0076f5e21f24600076df8f356
SHA1SUM: 2699196f2c733e16aaa5a458da50cb160925365f
SHA256SUM: 49400539cd6741aec59df18bc9c60f1aa832f67e60cc618ef20c9fa3251db4c1

VMware vCenter Server Appliance Update Bundle
File size: 1.62 GB
File type: zip
Name: VMware-vCenter-Server-Appliance-
Release Date: 2017-12-19
Build Number: 7312210
Use this package to update from VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 to VMware vCenter Server 6.5U1d Appliance
MD5SUM: 6a8b8f56afa02e797a6b5fcfd23293ff
SHA1SUM: 27aaa147e44bf708290aacad87c59e5a658f0e8e
SHA256SUM: b3f7cdf8153bf1a27a44d66725c3ff79eb3a22c5923616795d657b5bd3118963

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